Naked Culture Discovers Clothing in Super Strange Long Form Ad


In a quaint village where everyone walks around naked because, one assumes, no one has ever heard of clothing before, one man, during his morning walk in the woods, stumbles across an epic discovery; a pair of jeans.

At first, he doesn't even understand the function of the jeans. He tries to eat them and make tea with them. Finally, he tosses them on the bed and sits next to them. He glances over and notices they are shaped like his legs.

He then dons the jeans and boldly strolls through the village surprising everyone in his path. However, the villagers don't like what they see and cast him out as if to eternally damn his soul.

They then chase him down with pitchforks to publicly hang him for his transgression. That is until one woman...who you think is going to step in and save the man...does nothing. It doesn't end well.

But it is an interesting way to sell jeans. And if you didn't catch it, the brand behind the work is Colorada Jeanswear. The work, called Studies on Hysteria, was produced by Felix Ruple and edited by Bernd Faab.

There is lots of nudity in the ad. The film has been out for a bit and won severl awards

by Steve Hall    Nov-21-13   Click to Comment   
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