Hello, my name is...

Yes, 62 phone calls today and yesterday trying to drum up business from companies that I Know don't yet have budget to spend. But, you gotta stay in front of them. You gotta be eager. You gotta be selling. You gotta be pushing startegy. You gotta be following up. You gotta act on every industry newsbit. You gotta, you gotta, you gotta.

That's what I tell myself after the 20th caller saying, "Thank you for the information you sent and thank you for the call but we really don't have any activity right now. We are doing everything in-house. I guess they haven't heard that that we are out of the recession and the market has turned around! Hello! Let's be a market leader here. Not a follower that always ends up being a loser!

I mean come on!! I got bills to pay! :-)

by Steve Hall    Mar-27-02    

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