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Adrants was a popular advertising blog from 2001 through about 2015. It still exists, obviously, but is no longer covering breaking advertising news and offering commentary. It now hosts mostly articles contributed by industry experts and those engaging in content marketing.

In it's heyday, Adrants offered insightful, informed, experiential, no holds barred commentary on the state of the advertising and media industries. Editorial covered emerging marketing and advertising trends, cultural and demographic shifts, new campaign launches, viral and buzz marketing (remember "buzz" marketing?), the rise of social media, useful industry research and the examination of the industry's shift from old paradigms to new.

At its height, Adrants hit upwards of one million visits each month. Today, it's but a shell of its former shelf. But it's not totally dead. In fact, it still has about 12,000 page views each month along with 7,500 new users. We still publish what we think are useful articles from time to time from contributors and brands with interesting things to say. The snark may be gone but there's still some valuable information to be consumed.

Adrants Management


Adrants is published by Steve Hall who spent 25 years in media, account management and new business at, among others, Leo Burnett, Starcom/Mediavest, BlackSheep Marketing, and Bozell, where he managed marketing budgets for both consumer and business-to-business clients including Reebok, Sperry Topsider,, Tyco, Marriott Hotels and Marshmallow Fluff.

Steve has written about and spoken for industry associations on topics such as the advertising's role in consumer-controlled media, the integration of public relations and advertising, the future convergence of media, the decline of traditional media and, yes, the rise of social media. He is co-founder of MarketingVOX, an online marketing publication, co-founder of the ad:tech industry trade show weblog (no longer in existence) and creator of the no defunct advertising social network AdGabber.

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