Mulholland Drive

If you can figure this movie out (which is always a challenge with David Lynch), you will find an engaging and sometimes frustratingly annoying plot line. The whole movie is basically about one's woman's fantasy of being a movie star. Sounds simple? Well, not when it has the David Lynch treatment. There are twists. There are turns. There are incomprehensible scenes. It the kind of movie that when finished, you have to site there foe a half an hour and sort the whole thing out in your mind.

I actually enjoy this type of movie. One that challenges your mind and defies conventional plotlines. Although, once you have figured the movie out, it is basically a simple plot. Again, just done David Lynch style.

Rent this one only if you can dedicate 100% of your mind to it while viewing.

by Steve Hall    Apr-16-02    

Fuckin Funny!

As a former employee of Leo Burnett, I find this incredibly funny:

Leo Burnett Employees Still Trying To Figure Out How To Pronounce �Publicis.�

CHICAGO� Reeling from their recent purchase by French conglomerate Publicis, employees at Chicago-based Leo Burnett are struggling to learn the correct pronunciation of their new owner. Said sr. account director Scott Meldhenson. �For the love of Christ, why couldn�t we have just sold out to Omnicom or Interpublic or some other faceless holding company with a name you can say without sounding like a snail-eating twit. Instead, I�m getting corrected by everyone from the receptionist to the caterer every time I try to say 'Pub-LY-sis.' Or is it 'Pub-lee-SEE.' Whatever. Let�s just choose a pronunciation and go with it.� Added copywriter Matt Adelson, �So long as my raise goes through and they don�t mess with my 401k, I'll call them whatever they damn well please. Fucking Frenchies.�



by Steve Hall    Apr-16-02    

Brand Strategists Need to Get Back in the Ideas Game

In a recent article in BrandWeek, Bruce Tait wrote: "In order to develop a truly differenciating brand positioning, you need to be original. To come up with an original brand positioning idea, you need to apply creativity. That's why we argue that creativity in brand strategy is the lifeblood of branding."

His point is that we have become so wrapped up in research that we can't even come up with an original idea. Everything is about the research. The research guides everthing. Sure, there is a need for research but it should not highjack the creative process. Usually the best ideas that become strong brands come from the genisis of a brilliant creative idea, not years and years of research.

So I say, do your research then let creativity happen. Don't squash ideas with, " Oh but the research says...". Fuck that. Take a risk. Use your common sense. Have an original idea.


by Steve Hall    Apr-16-02    

Let's See If I Can Get Into This Thing Again

So it's been a little while since my site has returned to working order and I'm hoping my motivation to contribute to the site is back as well I'm not sure yet.

I thought I'd talk about packaging for a minute. Does it ever piss you off that when you buy, say, Dayquil and you try to actually get the pills out if the rock hard plastic vault they are packaged in? God forbid if someone had arthritis. And...what a waste of materials when all the pills could all be dropped into a bottle with far less packaging. Remember how CD's where originally packaged? Those big double sized cardboard/plastic things so big that you could actually fit ten cds into it if you want. Thankfully, that has changed. Why can't other packaging monstrosities? Oh yea...uh...advertising! How could I be so dumb.

But do we really need packaging that is actually bigger then the product itself?

And why are those plastic/cardboard packages so friggin hard to open? You'd think the manufacturer would actually want you to use their product rather then have it stuck in a packaging vault.

Oh well, I suppose the plastic/cardboard packaging lobbyists are too powerful to control.


by Steve Hall    Apr-16-02    

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