Telemarketing With a Twist

Ever go to pick up the phone only to realize that no one is there? And I don't mean that delay from the telemarketer's auto dialer. I mean no one is there at all! Well, you've been had by the latest trend in the ever downward spiriling tactics of today's telemarketers. Get this, the don't actually want to get you on the phone. They only want your answering machine so they can leave some bullshit like, "Mr. Hall, I've called you several times to confirm your address. It's all I need to enter you into our grand prize sweepstakes in which you have a chance of one in 16 trillion of winning. Please call me back as soon as possible." Or worse, they make it sound like it is from your bank. The sripts are full of ums and ahs so you think it is a real call when in fact it is just another piece of telemarketing bullshit.

It won't be long before you see that you have 7 messages...and all are dead calls! Please, telemarketers, cut the bullshit. Be honest. If we don't want what your selling we'll tell you. If we do, we'll tell you that too. Cut the crap!

I mean, COME ON!!


by Steve Hall    Apr-20-02    

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