Bi-Fold, Tri-Fold, Z-Fold, C-Fold, Pre-Set Pull, Crank, Etc.

What is it with bathroom towel vendors? You've seen them all. The crank version that you have to crank where the whole world full of germs has cranked before. The pre-set pull version which always rips and never gives you enough on one pull. The blowers that are never hot enough and take too long to dry your hands. The C-Fold that always gets stuck in the pull down container and when you do actually get one out, half the container comes out with it! And the Z-Fold...oh the beautiful and simple Z-Fold. Why did vendors ever stray from this simple operational version of public bathroom hand towel?

A piece of it hangs out of the dispenser so you can easily pull it with out reaching your hand up into the germ infested dispenser. When you pull one out, you actually get just one and not have the contents of the container. It is just the right amount of towel. If you need more, just pull another one.

Why did it have to get all fancy with these freaky advanced wall hanging contraptions that never work?

How about the toilet paper "drums"? Takes so much force to pull the cheap paper out that it always rips! Why do companies create thes fucked up contraptions to make it so hard for us to actuall get the toilet paper. What do they think? We are going to steal it?

Why is simplicity always over run by idiotic so called innovation?

This doesn't apply simply to bathroom hand towels.Take voice mail. It has become such an instilled form of avoidance that it is pointless to call in the first place. Computers. I think Bill Gates was right when he said, "The average home computer user will never need more then 640K of Memory". Now have this race to see how bloated a program can be. Just when you have more memory, another Microsoft product comes out (how ironic) that swallows up most your memory and your disk space. AND, it all crashed much more often then it used. Sure, some of the new stuff is great. But, again, what happened to simplicity? Straight forward functionality?

I could go on forever. I guess I should never have stepped foot into that public bathroom today:-)


by Steve Hall    Apr-25-02   Click to Comment   

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