Brand Strategists Need to Get Back in the Ideas Game

In a recent article in BrandWeek, Bruce Tait wrote: "In order to develop a truly differenciating brand positioning, you need to be original. To come up with an original brand positioning idea, you need to apply creativity. That's why we argue that creativity in brand strategy is the lifeblood of branding."

His point is that we have become so wrapped up in research that we can't even come up with an original idea. Everything is about the research. The research guides everthing. Sure, there is a need for research but it should not highjack the creative process. Usually the best ideas that become strong brands come from the genisis of a brilliant creative idea, not years and years of research.

So I say, do your research then let creativity happen. Don't squash ideas with, " Oh but the research says...". Fuck that. Take a risk. Use your common sense. Have an original idea.


by Steve Hall    Apr-16-02   Click to Comment   

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