Dream a Little Dream

Yea, that was a cute little movie with a big boobed teenager who has since had a breast reduction and disappeared in to the obscurity of acting's B world.

But, that is not what I am writing about. Dreams. Why are they so real? Why do they feel like they could become reality if you just stayed asleep? Why are they so infused with your real life and yet why are they so strangely altered from real life?

I just had a weird dream that was kind of a love story and kind of a family reunion story. And, a little conversation with some I srealites was tossed in as well. Strange mix? Yes. Who was the center of the love story? Drew Barrymore. Weird. I never thought of her as particularly attractive althoug I do love her movies. And, she was fat in this movies. Fat but cute. Strange. The whole thing ended in the usually frustratingly incomplete way. She disappeared. I couldn't find her. And, she left me with a phone number which, maddeningly, in the dream, I could not seem to dial.

Such a nice dream but so frustrating too.

Anyway, back to real life...


by Steve Hall    Apr-17-02   Click to Comment   

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