Get A Clue Dad!

"Scott and Sheri were high-school sweethearts who married young, raised a family, and immersed themselves in school and community activities. Despite a divorce, they continued to share the same goals for their four teenaged children - until Scott got hooked on the drug ecstasy."

This recent HBO "America Undercover" series explores the downfall of a family because a clueless hick of a Dad refuses to grow up and act his age. He actually lets his 13 year old son roll on E. Give me a fuckin break! Is our society that fucked up? Yes, I guess it is. If it wasn't, we wouldn't have kids killing kids in highschool, or teachers having to act as babysitters with no authority. How the hell did we end up here? Hey/ I love rave music. Yes, I am too old to actually want to go to one but I do like the music. When the hell are people going to learn what behavior is appropriate at a particular stage in life. And don't you freeloving, everything is OK, negotiate with your kids failures as parents tell me I am "hindering a child's exploration of growth" or some shit like that. Kids should be kids. Adults should be adults. There is a line. You can't be your kids friend. They have plenty of those. You need to step up and be their parent and do things it takes to stop the shit we now have ourselves in.

Hey, believe it or not, I am liberal in some respects and do understand the need to communicate with your children and really hear what they are saying but I do think a return to the days where kids are kids and grownups are grownups. And fuck all this crap about parents trying to be all hip and cool and down with their kids.

I mean come the FUCK on!

Actually, the documentary had a fairly happy ending. For most the kids at least.


by Steve Hall    Apr-28-02   Click to Comment   

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