"Give 'em Hell 54!"

If you give any remote sort of shit about what this country went through to become the country it is today, you simply have to see the movie Glory. Starring Matthew Broderick and Denzel Washington, it is the story of the first black regiment in the civil war.

There is a scene towards the end of the movie where the 54th regiment slowing marches up the beach between the other all white Union soldiers. At that moment, you wish you were a black American (I am white) right back there on that beach in 1867 preparing for that charge you know is certain slaughter for all in that regiment. In fact the last 20 minutes of this movie dig up such intense emotion and pride mixed with sickness for what our country was and is now.

Captain Shaw staring off into the sea

Captain Shaw setting his horse free before the assault.

The charge.

Captain Shaw being shot.

Captain Shaw's body being rolled into a death pit.

Captain Shaw's horse dead.

The music.

Everything about this movie makes me want to watch it over and over again to experience that intense sadness, frustration, pleasure, and pride all occurring inside me at the same time. I can do nothing but cry for the last 20 minutes of this movie.

Unfortunately, we are still not finished fighting this war...


by Steve Hall    Apr-27-02   Click to Comment   

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