Let's See If I Can Get Into This Thing Again

So it's been a little while since my site has returned to working order and I'm hoping my motivation to contribute to the site is back as well I'm not sure yet.

I thought I'd talk about packaging for a minute. Does it ever piss you off that when you buy, say, Dayquil and you try to actually get the pills out if the rock hard plastic vault they are packaged in? God forbid if someone had arthritis. And...what a waste of materials when all the pills could all be dropped into a bottle with far less packaging. Remember how CD's where originally packaged? Those big double sized cardboard/plastic things so big that you could actually fit ten cds into it if you want. Thankfully, that has changed. Why can't other packaging monstrosities? Oh yea...uh...advertising! How could I be so dumb.

But do we really need packaging that is actually bigger then the product itself?

And why are those plastic/cardboard packages so friggin hard to open? You'd think the manufacturer would actually want you to use their product rather then have it stuck in a packaging vault.

Oh well, I suppose the plastic/cardboard packaging lobbyists are too powerful to control.


by Steve Hall    Apr-16-02   Click to Comment   

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