Mulholland Drive

If you can figure this movie out (which is always a challenge with David Lynch), you will find an engaging and sometimes frustratingly annoying plot line. The whole movie is basically about one's woman's fantasy of being a movie star. Sounds simple? Well, not when it has the David Lynch treatment. There are twists. There are turns. There are incomprehensible scenes. It the kind of movie that when finished, you have to site there foe a half an hour and sort the whole thing out in your mind.

I actually enjoy this type of movie. One that challenges your mind and defies conventional plotlines. Although, once you have figured the movie out, it is basically a simple plot. Again, just done David Lynch style.

Rent this one only if you can dedicate 100% of your mind to it while viewing.

by Steve Hall    Apr-16-02   Click to Comment   

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