Kid in a Candy Store

You can perceive this any way you wish. I'm a letch. I don't get out much. I haven't been laid in a while...

So I go to Vox in Boston to get together with some friends I haven't seen in a while that I used to work with. Great to see them but I don't really remember much of anything anyone said.

You see, and of course all guys are like this, I could not keep my eyes still.


It was the Eyecandy. The parade was nonstop. Just as soon as I had admired one incredible beauty and forced my mind and eyes back to the conversation at hand, there passed yet another eye popping beauty queen.

Why is it that is is almost impossible for me....and most other guys I assume, to loose all train of thought and just gawk? It's rude, it primitive, and I'm sure annoying to the ogled one.

Should we justify it by saying, "Hey, I'm just admiring one of God' beautiful creations." Or maybe , "Gee, I don't really need to look her in the eye when I am talking to her, do I?" Or, "Well, the poor girl could only find a shirt that was 4 sizes too small for her so she feels bad and needs the attention." Even, " Well, something just might slip out of her shirt...and I just want to be there to shield her from all the other loser gawking guys." Um...yea right!

Anyway you try to rationalize it, it just sounds stupid. So, I don't. I just look. Yup, I look. If I get caught, I smile and look away....well for a few seconds at least!

by Steve Hall    May-12-02    

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