Give It Up!

From AdAge:

"NEW YORK ( -- In the wake of one of the worst years for any TV network, ABC Television has drastically revamped its prime-time schedule, adding three new comedies and four new dramas.

True to its promise of going back to family-oriented shows, the network, a division of the Walt Disney Co., has added sitcoms and moved other shows into its key 8 p.m. to 9 p.m. time slots -- a period it is developing under the theme "Happy Hour." Bcom3 Group's Leo Burnett Co., Chicago, is the creative agency developing that branding campaign.

Three of the new comedies will arrive on Tuesday night. 8 Simple Rules for Dating My Teenage Daughter, starring John Ritter as a father dealing with his two daughters, will run at 8 p.m. At 9 p.m., Life With Bonnie, developed by its star, Bonnie Hunt, is a part-scripted, part-improvisational sitcom about a local TV show host. At 9:30 p.m., the office workplace comedy Less Than Perfect is scheduled."

Give it up, ABC. Trying watching HBO for inspiration.


by Steve Hall    May-15-02    

Another Marketing Coup? When will

Another Marketing Coup?

When will it stop? When will companies realize that they are producing products so unhealthy that ruin our health? I'm sure the new Vanilla Coke tastes great but what is it doing to out teeth? And what is in Coke anyway? Not much more then sugar.

Better than the real thing?

And you wonder why America is a fattest nation in the world!


by Steve Hall    May-15-02    

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