Donnie Darko...Had to Post Again

This is an incredible movie. Made for $5-10M yet having a great ensemble cast. Drew Barrymore actually made this little movie happen. This is a weird movie when you first see it. I didn't quite get it until it was over and I thought about it. The filming is so different. The camera movements. The strange "mood" of all the characters. I love these "small" movies. I passed it by at least 5 times in the video store until I finally had nothing else new to watch and finally picked it. I am glad I did.

It's basically about a teenager who saves a town and all his loved ones by sacrificing his life. Not to mention that it is also a love story as well as a science fiction story about time travel. Roll that all together with a very off-kilter script and wonderful direction and you have a great movie.

It's too bad it didn't get a wide release. Mystical, strange, weird, great score. I love it! You should all go rent it.

First time director Richard Kelly is one to watch.

You can read a "real" review of this movie here.


by Steve Hall    May-28-02   Click to Comment   

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