The Blow Off That Never Works

Does anyone answer their friggin phone anymore?? I mean do you really think that a sales person is going to give up simply because you do not answer your phone? Of course not. They are going to hound you until the get you. Or at least get a reason as to why you should no longer call them. It's called qualifying the lead. No good salesperson will stop until they have a category to put you in. So...a piece of advice for you perpetual procrastinators: Answer the fuckin phone and simply tell the person you have no need for their services at this time. Is that so difficult? Do you actually LIKE having a full voice mail box?

And what's this shit about, "I'm sorry, I can't give out her phone extension" What the fuck? I can get the person from the dial by name directory so what's the difference?

People! Save yourself the anguish of the haunting salesperson. Deal with it today, don't perpetually procrastinate!

Just a humble suggestion from one who has had the great displeasure of navigating all the fucked up phone systems that companies have put in place thinking those systems will make it all more efficient.

Hire a receptionist. I guarantee you it will cost less in the long run and your customers will be happier.


by Steve Hall    May-16-02   Click to Comment   

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