Get the Right Size!!

So what is it with the "bulge"? You know, that overflowing of breast outside of the confines of the bra because the bra is too small. It's classic. You see it all the time. I was on the subway today when this women got on with very big breasts and clearly her bra was way too small. It looked like a second set of breasts protruding above her "regular" breasts.I started to wonder. Does she know this? Does the like this? Is it intended? Can she just not find a bra big enough? I guess I thought it was some kind of desired "look" until someone told me that is very difficult to find big enough for them. Well, as much as I like the "bulge" and the resulting "bulge" it causes in me, I'd like to offer some help to the big breasted women of the world.

There is a web site called Plus Size Bras that offers links to manufacturers and other support links that might be of interest. No, it is not a porn type site. Just a site that deals with the issue.

Visit it if you feel the need.


by Steve Hall    Jun- 4-02   Click to Comment   

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