Where Are The Flags?

In typical American short term memory, all the flag flying has ceased. Look around. Try to find one. Everyone went out and bought one after 911 but where are they now? Wether it's a good thing or a bad thing we, as Americans, move on. We just are on to the next thing. It's not that we completely forget but we just file it away in the back room and get on with tomorrow. Generally that is good but in this case it is bad. We can not be complacent about what happened on 911.

Unfortunately, we now have to deal with a congressional probe into who knew what when regarding knowledge of terrorists prior to 911. Undoubtedly whether he is found at fault of not, President Bush will suffer drastically in the polls after this inquiry. It's just that way we are. Blame the top most person whether they had anything to do with it or not. Why? Because it is easy. We don't have to think hard about it. Again, just move on to the next thing.

Don't let this happen. And never forget!


by Steve Hall    Jun- 4-02   Click to Comment   

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