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You knew it had to happen. Let the spoofs begin!


by Steve Hall    Jul-28-02    

Who me? Responsible?

We have always been a litigious society but it is just getting ridiculous. Punch someone and you can sue the person you hit because you broke your finger. Sue someone because hot coffee burned you. Blame teachers for your child's bad behaviour in school when teachers are given no ability to discipline.

Now, you can sue someone because food makes you fat!

Fat man sues food chains.

Is this man so idiotic as to think that fast food is actually healthy? Use your head people! It's called common sense. Have we become so stupid as to have to rely on a court to determine common sense. No one wants to take responsibility for anything these days. We have become a lazy bunch of losers who blame everyone else for our faults and shortcomings. It's just sad. It's very sad.


by Steve Hall    Jul-28-02    

An Ad Recovery?

Interesting news clips from Rick Bruner's Executive Summary Newsletter

Signs of Ad Recovery

There is nothing we marketers love more than drinking our own bathwater. Here's my contribution: a list of headlines I've seen in the last week or so that would seem to indicate a rally in the flagging ad market for the second half of this year. Wishful thinking? All I know is that in the pundit business, three makes a trend, and here are six hopeful articles:

The only spoiler to all this good news is McCann-Erickson's famous ad industry prognosticator, who recently downgraded his estimates for 2002, but only slightly, and either way he's still predicting growth over last year (now of 2.1% instead of 2.4%). As reported in MediaPost, he explained his downgrade by saying, "In December I was too optimistic. Now I'm too pessimistic."

- Rick Bruner 7/17/2002 permanent link  

Now, it's just a matter of how long we have to wait.


by Steve Hall    Jul-28-02    

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