And Now From The Truly Amazing Department...

In this business we fight so hard to reach those all important potential customers yet hoping we do not "buy" too much waste along the way.

Now, we have a technology that allows you to "beam" sound to a person and only one person from about 100 feet away. How would you, advertisers of the world, like to send a separate message to every person standing in the lobby of a big sporting event. To personalize to the minutia your commercial message. Read about this technology. It's cool. Of course, while it allows for that all important targeting we crave, it will not create the hyper-individualized demographic profile also needed for this technology to make any sense. I guess someone else will have to invent that. Oh wait, I got it....just put a chip in everyone's head that broadcasts their demographics and lifetime buying habits. See? There you go marketers. Now go market!

Hearing is Believing

Written by Steve Hall    Comments (0)     Jul-29-02  
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