Drew Barrymore is Awesome!

Drew Barrymore is such an amazing actress and producer. She has had such a tough life but she is so incredibly on top of her game right now. It is so wonderful to see her stuff. Sure, she's done some cheesy stuff but most everything she is in is such a pleasure to watch. From great works such as Riding in Cars With Boys and Donnie Darko to ...ah...Freddie Got Fingered, everything about her is enticing. She works on blockbusters such as Charlie's Angels and exec produces for intruiging new directors such as Richard kelly (Donnie Darko).

I just saw, again, Never Been Kissed and yea, it's pop, but it is done so well. She such a hilarious clutz in that movie. Besides, I'm a sucker for tear jerkers.

Well, if I ever finish my script, I'm sending it to her first!


by Steve Hall    Jul- 8-02   Click to Comment   

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