Responsibility to My Creditors? Who Are You Kidding?

So this is what fiscal responsibility is all about today...

�Chapter 11 enables us to create the greatest possible value for our creditors, preserve jobs for our employees, continue to deliver top-quality service to our customers and maintain our role in America's national security," said John Sidgmore, president and chief executive officer of WorldCom, in a statement following the company�s chapter 11 filing.

So now it's about "creating value" for those owed money buy WorldCom? Creating value? They don't want value, they want their money!

This all sounds strikingly familiar to a client presentation by a clueless agency wind bag to an unsuspecting client:

"This new brand essence will enable you to create the greatest possible value to your target audience, preserve your current customer base, continue to deliver top-quality service to your customers and maintain your role as the leading provider of bullshit in your market space"

Not far off from reality is is?


by Steve Hall    Jul-26-02   Click to Comment   

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