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Advertising...it's EVERYWHERE!

Even on police cars:

ABCNEWS.com : Town Gets Sponsored Police Cars

by Steve Hall    Aug-29-02    

Phsyho for Ellen Fleiss!

Now we know this has gone too far. You have to see this psycho's site about Ellen:


1. Ellens are mammals.

2. Ellen smokes ALL the time.

3. The purpose of Ellen Feiss is to flip out and kill people.

The Official Ellen Feiss Homepage: REAL ULTIMATE POWER��


by Steve Hall    Aug-27-02    

Schnell angucken! The Germans Have Gone Crazy for Ellen Feiss Too.

...bevor Apple mitkriegt, dass diese Studentin aus der Apple-Werbung stoned ist wie Cheech und Chong, Cyprus Hill und Dude Lebowsky zusammen.

ille, Fri, 19. Jul. 2002, 13:38
was f�r gl�ssen...
aber das is bestimmt berechnung. selbst als frau und stoned noch zu h���ndeln.

ille, Fri, 19. Jul. 2002, 14:00
hab ich verst�ndnis f�r
was will man auch machen, wenn man mit windows arbeitet. da kann man nur mit der gr�nen brille tief ins glas schaun.

kris, Fri, 19. Jul. 2002, 14:11
ich find die ziemlich klasse. insbesondere wie sie
"and i was ... like ... ... ... ... umm"

Don't know what any of this means.....but there is a LOT of it!

eleph�ntville - Schnell angucken!


by Steve Hall    Aug-27-02    

Television Without Commericals?

A member of Slashdot posted the following:

How Could TV Survive Without Commercials?

Milo_Mindbender asks: "I'm sure many of the readers of this site know the joy of skipping commercials using a TiVO, Replay or other form of PVR box. I'm sure it has occurred to a lot of us that if someone produced a schedule of commercial stop/start times the PVR could easily make all commercials instantly vanish from a recording. While this would be really cool, if it got really popular it would KILL all the local TV stations and TV networks who depend on ads to survive. Sure, you could say it's their fault for having an outdated business model, but there's a problem: these sources are where A LOT of the content for your PVR comes from. If they die, there's nothing for your PVR to record. My question for this crowd is: 'If the commercials stopped tomorrow, what business models can you come up with that would keep TV content flowing to your PVR?'"

This post leads to the biggest motherlode of FREE public perception and incite regarding how televion and advertising are viewed by regular people. OK, well...almost regular people. They are members of Slashdot after all.

I couldn't read it all although all of it was fascinating.

It ranges from this:

I think most people would be shocked to discover how little spending habits would differ if no one watched commercials...

Mostly, because they don't either. Human brains tend to veg out when the damn things come on.

To this:

That marketing firms never point out that ad campaigns are carefully launched when interest would go higher anyway, is the most devious scam of all.

To this very insightful statement:

Speaking of paying a premium, how about this strategy: Would you pay one cent to skip a commercial?

Have an account linked to the PVR and subtract 1 cent each time an ad is skipped.

Of course, having an account implies a link to a credit card and a unique identifier. This allows for some detailed profiling.

There should be an option to turn profiling on and off, with various benefits to the user if they turn it on (because the profiling is valuable marketing information.)

When profiling is turned off:
Skip an advert: subtract 1 cent from your account
Don't skip an advert: do nothing to your account

When profiling is enabled:
Skip an advert: subtract 1 cent from your account
Don't skip an advert: plus 1 cent to your account.

The people with profiling turned on would have some interesting powers too. For example, if the profiling revealed that 90% of people are willing to pay 1c to skip the Mazda Zoom-Zoom kid ad, that #%)*&#% 'Buck-a-day' or similar computer sale ads, the Dell Kid ads, etc, you would essentially be telling the advertisers to change their tune.

It just goes on and on and on. Check it out at:

Slashdot | How Could TV Survive Without Commercials?


by Steve Hall    Aug-26-02    

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Future Internet Usage

It's really no surprise that tweens and teens are adopting the Internet as a medium voraciously. It's a generational shift that will increase over time. As marketers, we need to be very aware of this and to challenge ourselves to find better and more effective uses of this medium. Believe me, if I had the answer, do you think I would be wasting my time on this blog?

From Jeffrey Harrow's Harrow Technology Report:

Our changing world:

"According to a study from Knowledge Networks/Statistical Research,
one-third of children ages 8 to 17 say the Internet is the medium
they would choose if they could only have one, topping television,
telephone and radio.

For boys, television was a strong second choice, though girls ranked
TV third behind the net and telephone."

Who'd have thought, just a few years ago...

From the April 10 edition of
Ken Rutkowski's Daily Tech News Clicks
and eMarketer


by Steve Hall    Aug-26-02    

The Ellen Feiss Thing Just Won't Stop!

From FriedGreens:

what the fuck continued Posted 2002-08-22 15:39:47 by drunkenhistorian

Yes this ordeal Bitchcake describes below is quite messed up. Because she was on benadryl when the commercial was filmed( Ellen Feiss is her name ) there is a lot of speculation as to whether she was stoned during filming so alot of dumb potheads slash internet antisocialites have been chattering about it theres a new york times article and one in wired on her. You can buy wallclocks frisbees and totebags with her face on them, mac has sold her images liberally. Both ellenfeiss.com and ellenfeis.net have been bought and turned into fansites where old men are chatting about how hot this 14 year old girl is and discussing their guilt at craving a young person. The commercial is in the switch section of mac dot com and is frankly not that interesting. The wierdest part is the girl herself was hiking in the grandcanyon for two weeks when this thing exploded so she didnt know about it till my sister told her last night and me and bitchcake stumbled in just as she finished reading the new york times article with my sister . she looked quite calm for someone whose image had been raped by mass media.

Hey.... Posted by Kukester
2002-08-22 15:34:51

If you know her you should have her write about it here. Sure I am just hoping I too can take advantage, but I am too lazy to do anything about it myself.

Contact Posted by ellenfeiss.net
2002-08-23 03:20:59

Better yet, get her to contact us for an interview, at ellenfeiss.net
[Reply] 2 replies

how...? Posted by gillian
2002-08-23 08:40:12

How on earth is that better? I think this girl has every right to continue keeping a low profile and not contribute more fodder for sick internet fucks to drool over. Live your own lives already! More power to her if she never does an interview.
[Reply] 1 reply

Ellen Posted by shall62
2002-08-23 14:19:03

You know, this Ellen Fiess thing is not about sick internet fucks or old men looking at young girls. All it is is a wonderful marketing campaign on the part of Apple. What more could a company want then for us all to talk about Ellen and by association talk about the Mac. It's called viral marketing. SOmetimes it's planned. Other times, it is not. I do not think it was planned this time other then Apple wanted at least one of their Switch campaign personalities to represent the teenage audience. And, she has done just that. In fact, all of you are giving Apple free marketing right now just by talking about it. I'm happy to help too, of course, because I am in marketing and I absolutely love it when a campaign turns out this way. And, I love Apples products. I can't wait for this lame old Windows laptop to die so I can go out and buy an Apple laptop! All of us in marketing would love to have this Ellen thing going on for our clients. Hey, I got caught up in it too. I posted some stuff on my site: adrants.blogspot.com I like www.ellenfiess.net the best though!


by Steve Hall    Aug-23-02    

Obviously Something is Wrong With This Site

Don't see any images here? I guess my ISP I use for images is down. Oh well. Try back later.


by Steve Hall    Aug-23-02    

911 - Another Point of View

Vanity Fair readers surprised at 911 visuals in the latest issue...another viewpoint on the showing of 911 images on the anniversary:

USATODAY.com - Anniversary of Sept. 11 brings up difficult memories for many

by Steve Hall    Aug-22-02    

You Know What? It Happened. Networks Differ on 9/11 Images Use.

They are graphic. They are horrific. The dredge up year old memories and pain. But, it happened. The planes did hit the towers. People screamed. They jumped. The towers burned. And the towers fell. Why are we trying to hide it? I'm not advocating the incessant replays that endured for the 3-4 days following 911 but, as a nation, we forget things.

Sometimes forgetting things is good. It is healthy. It allows us to move on. Time heals all wounds, etc. But, lack of reminders in this country breeds complacency.

I think the decision of some networks to unlock and show the images of 911 is a smart one. We don't, however, need some overly edited, quick cut, MTV style presentation. Show it as it happened. Give it that respect. Give the people the option not to look. But don't tinker with the images. Don't re-write history. Painful as it is, we need to remember that we are not as safe as we make think and we should not take for granted our way of life.

Yahoo! News - Networks Differ on 9/11 Images Use


by Steve Hall    Aug-22-02    

It Just Seems So Fake

Is this an ad or what?

by Steve Hall    Aug-21-02    

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