Crop Circles

So now we have M. Night Shyamalan's newest flick, Signs. Supposedly all about the alien influence of this phenomenon because how excited would a movie be about the reality of this whole thing. You do know there is a whole contingent of crop circles creators out there, don't you? Yes, they are entirely man made. Sorry to burst your bubble.

But, now that this is out in the open why not take advantage of it like marketing does of everything else? How about a giant crop circle of the Coke logo? Or, god forbid, an X10 camera configuration? Or even the Golden Arches? Come on marketers...this is your chance to jump on the latest trend in "intrusive" media. Well, intrusive only to aerial photographers and airline passengers but that's a minor point, right?

Besides, it's for a good cause too. Help the farmers of our nation with fees for field usage so that they could actually afford to live in their world of fixed prices that beat down their ability to make a profit.

In fact, farmers have all the right equipment for this too. Instead of tramping down the hay or corn and ruining it, why not cut it with the appropriate farm the light of day no less. Surely, easier then the late night foot stomping method. And, a double win for the farmer. He gets his crops and some cash just for mowing it.

Come on all you marketers with deep pockets. Do your part! Give to the needy and get your flashy logo splattered all over the last remaining piece of nature not yet splattered with the filth of commercialism.

Oh, wait...commercialism. Oh, that's a good thing. Sorry. Repeat after me: Marketing is Good! Marketing is Good! Marketing is good....


by Steve Hall    Aug- 2-02    

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