Ads That Say More

I think that with all the new "rich media" ad formats that have appeared lately, this one from Point Roll has some good things going for it. It's a banner. We're all used to that. It doesn't dance across your screen in an annoying fashion, yet, it drops down a full mini site's worth of informatiom. I think it has serious merit. Story from Clickz:

A new trend in ad design has emerged over the past year few years, and it's beginning to take hold -- so much so that I venture to say the days of struggling to fit a coherent ad message into a 468 x 60 pixel banner are coming to an end. The ads, and the company that creates the technology behind them, are called Point�Roll, and they're providing advertisers with much more space within a banner than was previously available.

It's MUCH better then Shoskeles


by Steve Hall    Aug- 1-02   Click to Comment   

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