Future Internet Usage

It's really no surprise that tweens and teens are adopting the Internet as a medium voraciously. It's a generational shift that will increase over time. As marketers, we need to be very aware of this and to challenge ourselves to find better and more effective uses of this medium. Believe me, if I had the answer, do you think I would be wasting my time on this blog?

From Jeffrey Harrow's Harrow Technology Report:

Our changing world:

"According to a study from Knowledge Networks/Statistical Research,
one-third of children ages 8 to 17 say the Internet is the medium
they would choose if they could only have one, topping television,
telephone and radio.

For boys, television was a strong second choice, though girls ranked
TV third behind the net and telephone."

Who'd have thought, just a few years ago...

From the April 10 edition of
Ken Rutkowski's Daily Tech News Clicks
and eMarketer


by Steve Hall    Aug-26-02   Click to Comment   

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