Radio Remotes and Promotions Gone Wrong

Now, I am the first person to support the programming of Howard Stern....and even Opie and Anthony...although they really are a Neanderthal version Stern. They were kicked out of Boston for reporting that the Mayor was a joke. They have now challenged listeners to have sex in the most public of places and have established a point system. these things go, it blew up. The highest prize goes to a couple having sex in church. Well, a couple did, and the couple got caught...executives have been put on leave...Opie and Anthony are off the air.

I know it is a battle to win the ratings war and I love when stations push it to the edge. Sex does not bother me. Listening to it, watching it and having it. All great. just seems that for radio personalties to go to this length to gain ratings simply means that they do not have the skill to gain ratings in the first place.

Read about it in the New York Daily News:

Radio Execs Put On Ice


by Steve Hall    Aug-21-02   Click to Comment   

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