The Ellen Feiss Thing Just Won't Stop!

From FriedGreens:

what the fuck continued Posted 2002-08-22 15:39:47 by drunkenhistorian

Yes this ordeal Bitchcake describes below is quite messed up. Because she was on benadryl when the commercial was filmed( Ellen Feiss is her name ) there is a lot of speculation as to whether she was stoned during filming so alot of dumb potheads slash internet antisocialites have been chattering about it theres a new york times article and one in wired on her. You can buy wallclocks frisbees and totebags with her face on them, mac has sold her images liberally. Both and have been bought and turned into fansites where old men are chatting about how hot this 14 year old girl is and discussing their guilt at craving a young person. The commercial is in the switch section of mac dot com and is frankly not that interesting. The wierdest part is the girl herself was hiking in the grandcanyon for two weeks when this thing exploded so she didnt know about it till my sister told her last night and me and bitchcake stumbled in just as she finished reading the new york times article with my sister . she looked quite calm for someone whose image had been raped by mass media.

Hey.... Posted by Kukester
2002-08-22 15:34:51

If you know her you should have her write about it here. Sure I am just hoping I too can take advantage, but I am too lazy to do anything about it myself.

Contact Posted by
2002-08-23 03:20:59

Better yet, get her to contact us for an interview, at
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how...? Posted by gillian
2002-08-23 08:40:12

How on earth is that better? I think this girl has every right to continue keeping a low profile and not contribute more fodder for sick internet fucks to drool over. Live your own lives already! More power to her if she never does an interview.
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Ellen Posted by shall62
2002-08-23 14:19:03

You know, this Ellen Fiess thing is not about sick internet fucks or old men looking at young girls. All it is is a wonderful marketing campaign on the part of Apple. What more could a company want then for us all to talk about Ellen and by association talk about the Mac. It's called viral marketing. SOmetimes it's planned. Other times, it is not. I do not think it was planned this time other then Apple wanted at least one of their Switch campaign personalities to represent the teenage audience. And, she has done just that. In fact, all of you are giving Apple free marketing right now just by talking about it. I'm happy to help too, of course, because I am in marketing and I absolutely love it when a campaign turns out this way. And, I love Apples products. I can't wait for this lame old Windows laptop to die so I can go out and buy an Apple laptop! All of us in marketing would love to have this Ellen thing going on for our clients. Hey, I got caught up in it too. I posted some stuff on my site: I like the best though!


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