Yes, You Can Afford to Build Your Brand!

I must admit that I was part of that wonderful dot com marketing era where obscene budgets were the norm and full page placement in the Wall Street Journal were aplenty. Market research? Who needs its? We have plenty of money to target everybody. much for that. What do you do now with that $10 marketing budget? Lots, according to Martin Lindstrom writing for Clickz's Brand Marketing Newsletter. In his articles he rallies behind the basics. And one of my favorites has always been the Yellow Pages. The Yellow Pages you say? How can I build a brand in the Yellow Pages? It's all about being accessible. Read on:

Big Brand, Zero Bucks Cheap?

How can you establish a dream brand if you're not equipped with a wallet as heavy as Coca-Cola's and a communications network as expansive as AOL Time Warner's? There are plenty of things you can do that don't cost a fortune.

This line of thinking is key to helping your brand grow and survive these days. Hey, it's not sexy, but the unemployment lines are long enough these days.


by Steve Hall    Aug- 8-02   Click to Comment   

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