You Know What? It Happened. Networks Differ on 9/11 Images Use.

They are graphic. They are horrific. The dredge up year old memories and pain. But, it happened. The planes did hit the towers. People screamed. They jumped. The towers burned. And the towers fell. Why are we trying to hide it? I'm not advocating the incessant replays that endured for the 3-4 days following 911 but, as a nation, we forget things.

Sometimes forgetting things is good. It is healthy. It allows us to move on. Time heals all wounds, etc. But, lack of reminders in this country breeds complacency.

I think the decision of some networks to unlock and show the images of 911 is a smart one. We don't, however, need some overly edited, quick cut, MTV style presentation. Show it as it happened. Give it that respect. Give the people the option not to look. But don't tinker with the images. Don't re-write history. Painful as it is, we need to remember that we are not as safe as we make think and we should not take for granted our way of life.

Yahoo! News - Networks Differ on 9/11 Images Use


by Steve Hall    Aug-22-02   Click to Comment   

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