Ad Weak Updates!

After a 3-4 month period of no updates, the tongue-in-cheek favorite, AdWeak, has updated it's site. In it's editorial, the "editor" ponders whether, after all, advertising might just have a modicum of professionalism:

"After all, perhaps there is wisdom in creative briefs that I simply cared not to hear. Perhaps clients really are the most accurate arbitrators of what is worthy of production and what is not. And in fact, maybe focus groups of bored, middle-aged housewives truly are the bellwethers of all knowledge that is good and pure.

But it seems that I shall never know, for my skepticism has reduced me to nothing more a talentless hack, adrift in a sea of my own misery and bile. The end shall not be a pleasant one for me, I�m afraid. No, not at all. While those who learned long ago to play the game have glad-handed their way into luxurious retirement cottages on the Nantucket shore, I will most likely remain here, awaiting little more than the inevitable worms and their incessant chewing. But it is a fitting fate, and given no alternative I will accept it as my own."

It's been a very dry Summer and early Fall without his wit. I welcome him back.


by Steve Hall    Oct-12-02    

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