Ad Creatives Out of Touch With the Real World?

I found this interesting little viewpoint on how television advertising is perceived by the average consumer. And he is right. We portray people in very strange ways in attempting to sell products for our clients. Here's a taste:

"Doesn�t it strike you that the some people who produce television ads have a strange view of the world?

Take that dressed-as-an-executive woman with the matronising attitude who raises her eyebrows to the heavens when her husband is heard off-stage calling that he can�t find the car keys, or one of the children says she can�t find the shampoo."

"Then there�s the way fathers are presented in tv ads, as idiots, drunkards, boys in men�s clothing, and beings less capable than their own children of playing any game that requires intelligence. "

Great stuff.

by Steve Hall    Oct-24-02    

Use of Rich Media to Increase to 22% Within Five Years

New information from Jupiter claims that banners are still the de facto standard online ad unit making up 95% of all online inventory. However, Jupiter predicts that within 5 years that figure will reduce and rich media will claim 22% of the pie.

As banners become basically "invisible" to users as they visit sites, more intrusive formats have been experimented with. The concern, at least on my part, is that this move to rich media consists of "acceptable" forms on intrusive units, if there is such a thing, rather then more versions of the much hated pop up.

FYI: There are many diverging opinions on this report so read around and make your own conclusions.

Let's agree to meet on this in five years time and review.

Reported in Internet News.


by Steve Hall    Oct-24-02    

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