The $8,000 Refrigerator

Yes, this has been reported everywhere, the fridge with built in PC and internet browser. In it's present form, the company will sell very few units. Unless you are rich, no one is going to spend much more then $1,000 on a fridge. Do we need it to tell us when food is bad? Maybe. Emailing and calendaring are the two most useful aspects of this device. It would be better if it had a fold down keyboard so you could actually respond to the email. And, if it was a TV as well, you wouldn't miss anything when you got up to go to the kitchen for a snack. Of course, we will all have VOD and Tivo like technology so missing a show will become a non-issue.

The price of this thing is ridiculous. You could mount a flat screen monitor and a keyboard on a regular fridge and get all the same functionality for one third the price!

An "internet fridge" is really just another access point inside the home. Just like the TV will be and the embedded screen in your bathroom mirror. They will all be wired (wirelessly most likely) together to feed you whatever you want whenever you want in whatever format you want. It's all about the proliferation of connectedness.

by Steve Hall    Oct-30-02   Click to Comment   

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