VOD: 29% of all TV by 2007 Will be Watched on the Viewer's Schedule

This according to a recently released study by Forrester. But, here's what this old school media dude had to say about that:

TV viewing on demand poised to take off

One critic (of the study) is Turner Broadcasting Chairman Jamie Kellner, who recently charged that those who watch TV without watching the ads are stealing.

If that's your attitude towards the fast adoption rate of video on demand services, you might as well pack it up Jamie and call it a day. Consumers will have what they want. And they want their TV the way they want their TV and nothing you say or do will change that. It is you that will have to change. So, start thinking how you are going to make money in this new world rather then moaning about the old world.


Written by Steve Hall    Comments (0)     Oct- 3-02  
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