Fickle Ad Execs Wonder About The :30


Although his agency is pioneering a new kind of long-form TV commercial that is changing the industry, David Lubars today assured fellow ad creatives of his personal belief in the importance of the 30-second TV spot.

Gee, something new comes out and suddenly every marketer thinks that all other tried and true tools are now dead? Well, that is exaggerating the point a bit but every time some new ad form comes out, many people think it will replace what came before it. Well, thank you David Lubars for assuring the quivering ad community that we don't all have to run out and learn how to be movie directors.

Anyone ever heard of the "marketing mix" ?


by Steve Hall    Nov-14-02    

Editor to PR Folks: Don't Send Me a Press Release, Buy an Ad

The following gem, said by Faye Penn, a features editor for the New York Post:

Releases Go Into the Garbage

Instead of continuing to send releases to her, she suggested to the publicists that they pitch their story ideas to freelancers, and tell them to submit their finished articles to her.

"If that doesn't work, consider buying an ad. The number for the ad department is 930-8000," Penn told a stunned audience.

Now, granted, there is more crap in press releases then there is news but I mean come on! At least make an attempt to do your job. Isn't a writer/editor supposed to sort through all the crap so the reader doesn't have to?

by Steve Hall    Nov-14-02    

Tivo-Like Technology Now in RCA and Panasonic DVD Players

I mentioned in an earlier post that I thought Tivo will never catch on unless it becomes far more integrated with existing home audio technology. In it's current form, it's just one box too many for people to hook up and deal with.

RCA and Panasonic have come out with Tivo-like technology (hard drive recorder) that is in the same box as a DVD player. Very cool. And get this:

1. No subscription fees
2. No modem to hook up for programming update (comes over cable)
3. Has it's own programming guide

Now these kind of products is what will make this technology sore!

Here's a story about it in the New York Times:

TiVo Rivals Add DVD to the Mix


by Steve Hall    Nov-14-02    

ABC Wants to Latch Onto HBO's Success

New York Post: ABC CRAVING HIT �SOPRANOS' RERUNS By TIM ARANGO an effort to boost ratings at its ABC television network, Disney has apparently discussed airing "Sopranos" reruns.

What do they say..."imitation is the sincerest form of flattery"? Or is it, "Gee, everybody is doing reality shows so we will too"? Nope, today, it is, "Since we can't seem to produce anything worthwhile ourselves, we'll just re-run another networks hit show!"

Do you think just for once, a television executives could do something original rather then idiotically lining up like a bunch of lemmings hot on the next mini-trend?

by Steve Hall    Nov-14-02    

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