Ellen Feiss Speaks!

The famous 15 year old stoner chick who appeared in Apple's Switch campaign has granted her first interview with the press. As reported in Wired, it was the college newspaper, the Brown Daily Herald that had the honors of interviewing this mysterious advertrend.

Wired News: Apple 'It' Girl Breaks Silence

In that (Brown Daily Herald) article, Feiss reveals she was, as many of her "fans" had guessed, under the influence of drugs during filming of the infamous commercial that shot her to Internet fame, but exactly what she took, editors at the Herald aren't saying; all is revealed in the interview. The best guess is allergy medication, according to online scuttlebutt.

Other information Ellen Feiss items have been covered on this site here.

You can also go to the unofficial Ellen Feiss Web Site.


by Steve Hall    Nov-22-02    

Bachelor Beats Victoria Secret

I guess the protesters have some good news this week.

UPDATE - "Bachelor" crushes Victoria's Secret TV special

In one of the hottest prime-time matchups this season, ABC averaged 24.1 million viewers during the first hour of the "Bachelor" finale Wednesday night opposite the controversial "Victoria's Secret" special on CBS, which drew an audience of 10.5 million, according to Nielsen Media Research.

Great. Mindless hunks and hotties beat out babes in lingerie. Only in America, baby!

by Steve Hall    Nov-22-02    

Nextel Rips Off Pong Banner

Fellow marketing blogger, Rick Bruner rants on about a pop up he saw today for Nextel. It is an apparent rip-off of the pong banner execution done years ago for HP.

Most Annoying Ad So Far Today...

But what does this ad do with this precious commodity of my attention and interest? Absolutely nothing! That is because whoever designed this ad (and if you know who, please tell me, as I'd like to mock them by name) thought it was a better idea to make the ad just look like an interactive game than actually be an interactive game. In fact, it is nothing but an animation, which you cannot play with. I cannot fathom why that is a good idea.

As if that weren't bad enough, the "close" button in the lower right did nothing. Nada.

I love my Nextel phone but yea, that's a bad ad!

UPDATE: Nextel Begins Talks with Agencies


by Steve Hall    Nov-22-02    

Ford Marketers Promote New Taurus Design

Ford freshens Taurus� ad image

FORD MARKETERS are trying to alter prevailing impressions of the Taurus as cheap, no-frills transportation. They want people to take another look at the vehicle based on its quieter ride and �simple luxury� improvements like wood paneling and softer seat leather. Ford will tout the vehicle in television commercials on widely viewed programs such as NBC�s �Friends� and CBS�s �Everybody Loves Raymond,� and in magazines such as Time and Newsweek.

The ad work, by WPP Group PLC�s J. Walter Thompson, is Ford�s first national campaign for the car in two years. Ford had been spreading out the majority of the Taurus ad dollars among regional dealer groups.


by Steve Hall    Nov-22-02    

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Magazine Covers: More Non-Whites Needed

On Covers of Many Magazines, a Full Racial Palette Is Still Rare

A survey of 471 covers from 31 magazines published in 2002 � an array of men's and women's magazines, entertainment publications and teenagers' magazines � conducted two weeks ago by The New York Times found that about one in five depicted minority members. Five years ago, according to the survey, which examined all the covers of those 31 magazines back through 1998, the figure was only 12.7 percent. And fashion magazines have more than doubled their use of nonwhite cover subjects.

But in a country with a nonwhite population of almost 30 percent, the incremental progress leaves some people unimpressed.

Just like the post below, we are fearful of moving away from our puritanical conservatism.


by Steve Hall    Nov-22-02