The Reel Truth: Ad Agency Shoot Spoof

Here's a couple more of those tongue and cheek jabs at the advertising business. Don't know if these are new but I haven't seen them before.



Here' a few choice lines:

Young New Director: "I'd like to thank you for this opportunity to be bitch slapped in front of everyone."

Agency Art Director: "Oh, we really like taking chances on new directors especially since no one would have come within a mile of this horrendous piece of shit"

Agency Copywriter: "And the nice thing is that you're such a gullible dickweed that we can lie about giving you work in the future and it will keep you timid and malleable."

Agency Copywriter: "Hey, I really like your look. It makes it easier for me to treat you like a small child."


by Steve Hall    Nov-24-02    

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