Ad Spending Increases 3.8%

Ad spending on the rise in 2002

Advertising spending rose 3.8% through the first nine months of the year compared with a year ago, according to preliminary figures released Monday by Nielsen Monitor-Plus, a service of Nielsen Media Research.

Growth rates across the 11 reported media ranged from 2% to nearly 10%, but spending on syndication, national newspapers and the Internet declined. Leading the pack were local newspapers, which grew 9.5%. Network television jumped 7.9%, and network radio jumped 7.3%. Others showing growth included Hispanic TV (4.3%), cable TV (3%), national magazines (2.2%) and spot radio (2.1%). National newspaper spending fell 9.3%, followed by syndication, which lost 8.7%, and the Internet, which lost 1%.

The biggest improvement in terms of dollars came from auto companies, the movie industry and the wireless industry.

Neilsen Press Release


by Steve Hall    Nov-26-02   Click to Comment   

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