America The Uptight and Victoria Secret's CBS Special

Panties in a Bunch

CBS' Victoria's Secret show prompts indecency inquiry. After receiving hundreds of complaints, Commissioner Michael Copps thinks broadcast indecency standards should be tightened

Now, I did not actually watch this but I have to assume that the models did have all the particular parts covered that should have been covered. And, granted, the whole show is just one big ad and ratings ploy. But, indecent? By some standards, maybe. But indecent enough to be banned from TV? I don't think so.

The problem with our society is that we allow the most grotesque forms of violence to make their way into movies and even television while anything more then the "kiss/fade/cigarette in the morning" sex scene gets labeled porn.

Something is so wrong with that. Sex is normal. Sex is natural. Sexuality and sensuality are natural. Ripping the guts out of a mummy is not. It's backwards. Sure, watching a sex scene is uncomfortable but only because we have been taught to think it is "nasty" versus normal. Ever watch a foreign film? Sex and sexuality is always treated as just another normal part of life. It isn't hidden and feared.

Do we want our kids watching people having sex on TV? Of course not but I think you get my point.

Sex should be celebrated. Violence is what should be banned.


Written by Steve Hall    Comments (0)     Nov-21-02  
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