Break the Myth: 18-34 is Not the Only Target Audience

Young creatives and media buyers everywhere: Read this article . Read this 5 times. Read this 10 times. Let it sink in. It will change everything you have been told about the "older" generation" and will make you realize that marketing money spent on this target is money well spent. - Some consumers want ads for a mature audience

Folks over 50 are being hailed as the new yuppies � about one-third of the U.S. population but controlling three-fourths of the wealth. They wield $1.7 trillion in annual buying power, according to mature-consumer consultants Age Wave Impact. They have a stranglehold over certain industries: 80% of luxury travel purchases, 48% of luxury auto sales, 41% of all new car and truck sales, 77% of prescription drug sales and 61% of over-the-counter drug sales.


by Steve Hall    Nov-19-02   Click to Comment   

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