Broadband Penetration Update

Broadband Internet Tops 15.6 Million in the U.S.

Leichtman Research Group finds that as of the end of the third quarter of 2002 the leading cable and DSL providers in the United States have a total of over 15.6 million high-speed Internet subscribers. During the quarter the major US cable and DSL providers added a combined 1.68 million subscribers.

Other key findings include:

Broadband Internet subscriber growth for the third quarter of 2002 was the highest so far this year and exceeded net additions for the third quarter of 2001 by 400,000 subscribers.

The top cable companies had 68% of the net broadband additions for the quarter, with cable adding over 1.1 million broadband Internet subscribers compared to 540,000 added by the major DSL providers over the same time period.

The top cable operators now account for over 10 million broadband Internet subscribers, maintaining a 65% share of the market.


by Steve Hall    Nov-19-02   Click to Comment   

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