Ellen Feiss Speaks!

The famous 15 year old stoner chick who appeared in Apple's Switch campaign has granted her first interview with the press. As reported in Wired, it was the college newspaper, the Brown Daily Herald that had the honors of interviewing this mysterious advertrend.

Wired News: Apple 'It' Girl Breaks Silence

In that (Brown Daily Herald) article, Feiss reveals she was, as many of her "fans" had guessed, under the influence of drugs during filming of the infamous commercial that shot her to Internet fame, but exactly what she took, editors at the Herald aren't saying; all is revealed in the interview. The best guess is allergy medication, according to online scuttlebutt.

Other information Ellen Feiss items have been covered on this site here.

You can also go to the unofficial Ellen Feiss Web Site.


by Steve Hall    Nov-22-02   Click to Comment   

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