Extreme Segmentation: The Microtargeting of Media

In an article in AdWeek's Technology Marketing the trend towards finite audience segmentation is discussed. In high tech and B to B media, there has always been the ability to selectively target but title, job function, company size, revenue, purchase intention. This is now being magnified tenfold with the proliferation of even more targeted means of reaching a finely sliced target audience.

It is being done online and offline by companies such as Techtarget, 101Communications, Jupitermedia, and CNet with it's ITPapers.com.

This trend will make it's way to consumer media as well giving that segment of marketers even more outlets in which to reach specific sub-segments of the larger overall target.

It will make the process of marketing communications more complicated but it will also provide far better return on the budget spent.

The old saying of "I know half of my advertising is working, I just don't know which half" will slowly slip out of the lexicon of marketer's vocabulary.


by Steve Hall    Nov- 3-02   Click to Comment   

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