Magazine Covers: More Non-Whites Needed

On Covers of Many Magazines, a Full Racial Palette Is Still Rare

A survey of 471 covers from 31 magazines published in 2002 � an array of men's and women's magazines, entertainment publications and teenagers' magazines � conducted two weeks ago by The New York Times found that about one in five depicted minority members. Five years ago, according to the survey, which examined all the covers of those 31 magazines back through 1998, the figure was only 12.7 percent. And fashion magazines have more than doubled their use of nonwhite cover subjects.

But in a country with a nonwhite population of almost 30 percent, the incremental progress leaves some people unimpressed.

Just like the post below, we are fearful of moving away from our puritanical conservatism.


by Steve Hall    Nov-22-02   Click to Comment   

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