Movies Online: Just Plain Dumb For Now

A new company, Movielink, has formed to offer movies online legitimately. It has partnered with 5 major studios. Chief Executive Jim Ramo claims, "With more than 25 million broadband residences, we believe the market is now ready for the launch of a new Internet movie rental service."

Maybe, but Jupiter Research disagrees saying that less then 10% of consumers want to download movies to their PCs. Linda Loizides of Jupiter Research says, "Movielink proves the infrastructure can be built to deliver movies on demand. It proves the studios can work together. It doesn't prove there's a market."

I tend to agree. The movies are 500MB downloads. Even with broadband, that's a 90 minute download. And unless you are one of the few that has your PC hooked up to your sound system, your going to get sound quality reminiscent of 50's television. I mean what's the point when you have Netflix and a Blockbuster on every corner?

Yes, movies "online" will happen but it will most likely be through your cable provider and a video on demand service.

by Steve Hall    Nov-11-02   Click to Comment   

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