Nextel Rips Off Pong Banner

Fellow marketing blogger, Rick Bruner rants on about a pop up he saw today for Nextel. It is an apparent rip-off of the pong banner execution done years ago for HP.

Most Annoying Ad So Far Today...

But what does this ad do with this precious commodity of my attention and interest? Absolutely nothing! That is because whoever designed this ad (and if you know who, please tell me, as I'd like to mock them by name) thought it was a better idea to make the ad just look like an interactive game than actually be an interactive game. In fact, it is nothing but an animation, which you cannot play with. I cannot fathom why that is a good idea.

As if that weren't bad enough, the "close" button in the lower right did nothing. Nada.

I love my Nextel phone but yea, that's a bad ad!

UPDATE: Nextel Begins Talks with Agencies


by Steve Hall    Nov-22-02   Click to Comment   

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