Pure Low Brow Guilty Pleasure

ABC to search for "Hot" hunks and babes

Marking the latest entry in a parade of gonzo "reality" shows headed to U.S. television, ABC will scour the nation in search of undiscovered hunks and babes to compete for top eye-candy honors in an upcoming series titled "Are You Hot?"

It won't apologize for being simply what it is: A Hottie-fest. The beautuful will not have to fake intelligence with dumb trivia contests and musical performances. The only trait needed to win this reality show is hotness. Now, say everything you want about the debasement of American society, but this is the purest form of slop we will ever see.

Yes, I will be tuning in.

Also, I think the folks over at AmIHot might want to check with their lawyers on this one.

by Steve Hall    Nov-19-02   Click to Comment   

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