Tony Pierce Rants on About Victoria Secret Fashion Show

Ten million people watched the victoria secret fashion show the other night

only in america would it be considered indecent to have a bunch of supermodels stroll around in panties, but it's perfectly okay to have kids watch a man get down on his knee and propose to a woman that he doesnt know. the bachelor beat the pants off the victoria secret infomercial and where are the nervous ninnies who think it's morally corrupt to let children watch a man make out with dozens of women and then propose to "the winner"?

Go Tony! Yea, what's the deal?There's some weird hypocritical moralistic oddities going on here.

Here's what I said:

"The problem with our society is that we allow the most grotesque forms of violence to make their way into movies and even television while anything more then the "kiss/fade/cigarette in the morning" sex scene gets labeled porn."

More here.


by Steve Hall    Nov-25-02   Click to Comment   

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