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by Steve Hall    Dec- 2-02    

Blogalism, Mass Comm, Media Conglomeration, Broadband, and Connectivity Monopolies

Recommened reading via Hypergene Media Blog.


by Steve Hall    Dec- 2-02    

Nissan Latest to Join Advertainment Club

On the heels of BMW, Nissan has launched a new "mini-movie" for the rebirth of the Z. Directed by John Bruno (True Lies, The Abyss, Terminator 2), the 6 minute film can be viewed at and in a two minute version in movie theaters beginning this week..

Also mentioned in Ad Age via MarketingFix.


by Steve Hall    Dec- 2-02    

Hef Wants to Change Playboy

Hef (his handlers) wants more literature and culture in the magazine and less female pictorials. Says men have changed. Really?

Please, Hef, lay off the Viagra

Has the Viagra Gone to Your Head? This is Playboy.

You don't need New York City to create a buzz. Just keep taking "tasteful" nude pictures of hot girls, and guys will talk about it everywhere:

* Nice guys will talk about it around the office water cooler: "Just got the November Playboy, Kristy Swanson is so hot.

* So will drunken guys at the corner bar: "Did you see the (mildly vulgar description of breasts) on Kristy Swanson?"

* As will working guys on the loading dock: "Holy friggin' crap. Dija see dose (extremely vulgar description of breasts) on Kristy Swanson?"

* And rich old men in the executive board room: "Did you fellows see the November Playboy? I'd like to hire an intern with (disgustingly vulgar description of breasts) like Kristy Swanson's."

When each of them gets home, the only mention of Playboy they'll make to the little woman is how captivated they were by the interview with Rams running back Marshall Faulk.

That's how it's worked for 49 years, Hef. Why let some New Yorker with a bad haircut tell you any different?

Is Senility setting in?


by Steve Hall    Dec- 2-02    

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China to Promote Condoms - China to lift condom ad ban - Dec. 2, 2002

Alarmed at the prospect of an explosion of HIV/AIDS cases, authorities in China are planning to lift a long-standing ban on condom advertisements, state media has reported.

According to the English-language China Daily newspaper, the ban will be removed early next year as part of an effort to promote safe sex and encourage users to select the right kind of condom for their needs.

Yes, yes, sexually transmitted deseases. All good. But, are we sure this isn't some clandestine effort to slow the population growth of this soon to be very powerful nation?


by Steve Hall    Dec- 2-02    

EU Bans Tobacco Ads

Everyone's reporting it so I guess I will too. | Business

The European Union voted Monday to outlaw tobacco ads in newspapers and magazines, on the Internet and at international sports events in the 15-nation bloc starting in 2005.


by Steve Hall    Dec- 2-02    

November Sweeps Round Up

ABC, the WB, NBC Harvest Increases

The November sweeps period that concluded last Wednesday solidified the comebacks of ABC and the WB, both of which suffered heavy audience defections in November 2001. The WB enjoyed its best sweeps ever, earning its highest ratings among viewers 18-34 and 18-49. And ABC's strong performance in the 18-49 demo boosted the network from a dismal fourth-place finish last November to what was expected to be a second-place showing this year.


by Steve Hall    Dec- 2-02    

The Basics of Post-Tivo Marketing

Not a lot of tremendous insight here but a good basic viewpoint on what marketers should be thinking about in the post-Tivo/VOD marketplace. Registration (free) required to read.

The McKinsey Quarterly: Marketing in a post-TiVo world

by Steve Hall    Dec- 2-02