A Creatives Opinion on Online Creative Optimization

Like anything, there is no golden goose egg (or however that old saying goes) when it comes to optimizing the online creative process. Like anything, some things just work and we will never know why. While we are getting better at evaluating and optimizing creative, technology will never offer the complete solution.

The Little Banner That Could

Technology is no substitute for smarts, communication, and trial and error. That isn't to say we should abandon investment in creative optimization technology; rather, we should put it in its place. Technology can't optimize for us, only facilitate our optimization. Creative analytics technology investment is poorly spent when its output is never even seen by the department actually producing the creative. We simply don't know enough yet to take that step. Yet, we are choosing new technologies that all but guarantee the creative optimization process will be completely siloed away from the creative departments themselves.


Written by Steve Hall    Comments (0)     Dec- 9-02  
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